About Academy


Founded in 1993 as a home-study group, Ashish Academy has grown into a professional teaching-centre in Gorwa. Initially known as “Ashish Sir’s Class” among students and parents, we are today counted among the best coaching centres in the city. Ashish academy provides coaching in subjects like Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science and Languages like English & Gujarati for students of 8th, 9th and 10th standards from GSEB & CBSE (English Medium).

Our Specialities/ Faculties

We believe the destiny of a nation is framed in its classrooms, and hence we do not compromise on quality when it comes to teaching. Each of our faculties meet strict standards and qualifications, and are selected carefully. At Ashish academy, we have 3 types of faculties to ensure stress-free & high-quality training for students.

01- Main Faculties

All main faculties are well qualified and have a minimum of 20 years of experience in teaching. They have great reputation, and have immense popularity among the students, which translates into better engagement & results. All topics & teaching are handled by our main faculties.

02 - Supporting Faculties

While main faculties take care of teaching & topics, our supporting faculties handle the revision classes and doubt-clearing sessions. All supporting faculties are well qualified with an experience ranging from 5 to 10 years.

03 - Faculties for Testing & Evaluation

Conducting weekly tests and checking the papers are handled by our Faculties for testing & evaluation.

04 - Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants play an important role in daily classes and communication. They remain present in the class during all sessions, and help teachers in checking the homework. They handle the communication with parents to ensure they are updated of their wards performance frequently.

Teaching Methodology


01 - Classroom Teaching

Ashish academy is well known for its excellent classroom teaching standards. Our teachers use their teaching skills and immense experience to impart knowledge to the students. To take our classroom teaching to the next level, we have added a cutting edge 4KHD Screen Interactive Display Panel (IDP) from the UK. We are among a very few coaching institutions in India who have introduced IDP in the classroom. As it has no Projector,it gives a crystal clear resolution. This is fully loaded with educational tools and softwares, which will help our teachers and students in learning better.

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02 - In-Class Evaluation

Regular evaluation in the form of oral tests and short written tests are conducted.

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03 - Doubt Clearing & Revision Sessions

Conducted by our supporting faculties, these sessions help our students to understand each and every concept in a much deeper and better way.

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04 - Evaluation

Evaluations are conducted in the form of chapter tests, to analyse the progress of each student and the understanding of the chapter/ class completed.

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05 - Paper practice (Before Examinations)

To train students to attend exams without any stress, Ashish academy conducts Paper Practice before the exams. These help them in familiarizing with questions/ answers, schedules, answering methods etc.

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06 - Online Learning

We provide a robust online-learning platform for our students for more practice. With their own user id and password, each student can access this secure online system from our website, and watch teaching videos.

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Class Administration

Teaching assistants are present in the class during the lecture.

If any child is absent in the class, then after the attendance respective parents are informed by SMS that their child is ABSENT in the class.

Homework is checked daily.

Regular tests are conducted and post evaluation, marks are sent to parents’ mobile phone by message.

All communication with parents will be done in through SMS/ Whatsapp Messages or Phone Call / Email.

Special counselling will be given to those students who require more help in learning process.